Climb Forest, Climb

You can hear somewhere near the sound of water reflecting the surface of the showers curtains and just by hearing you can envision how the whole, small bathroom is filled with steam and mist trapping the light beams that was previously traveling through the dirty glass. Aroma of freshly boiled coffee fills the room with memory splashes that forces you to get homesick again, and sunlight allied with the warmest winters breeze are tickling your skin and freckles like never before, and, and the clock stopped ticking kindly helping you to forget about non-relevant things in your life and, and, and, also – Cause nobody gave a fuck about what time it was.

It’s was a beautiful Saturday, and you were almost able to see the laziness traveling across the room cause in days like this nothing action packed ever happens, and since previous night was so kind to offer us 12 hours of sleep, we were ready to change this unhealthy tradition.

Maija in mountains of Totana
Maija in mountains of Totana

Every great team and leader has a qualified strategic plan for the future and then there’s how we decide the big decisions. This is how we decided to buy those last minute plane tickets –
First, you state the sides and then you just throw in the game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” It’s an easy method and this time it brought us an idea to hike to the nearest mountains summit which we were able to see through leaves in our garden. In 20 minutes we had lunch, drank one more coffee, packed our bags, filled the water bottles, and we were ready to go.

As we all know, the horizon is always messing with your judgmental abilities, so it’s harder to get the essence of the distance ahead, but this time we were really confused about the distance between two mountains that looked exactly like they were glued together. In reality between those mountains were a spectacular valley, nevertheless, we had to change our plans to climbing to the even bigger mountain than the previous ones just because this one was closer.

Hiking on the Southern side of Spain can be enjoyable also because of the sand and rocks with only a few plants and bushes, so it’s easy to stay on your direction. In one hour we were already at the top, and the view was just incredible. You were able to see the nearest cities and the public buses looked like ants compared to those astonishing stone giants, but the most magical thing was the rain that surprised us just when we reached the peak. Rain continued for 10 – 15 min but it was just as we wanted and the timing was just perfect. Enjoyed the view for 40 min while we were busy in completing our “Instagram mission” and after some great photo adventures, and various ridicules group photo taking failures. As it turned’s out, there were a lot easier routes to conquer the top, but as always the great reckoning came to us 15 min later.

Suicide Squad in Totanas mountains
Suicide Squad in Totanas mountains

Hiking and photography obviously are one the best things in the world but also dinner, and whiskey is too so the rest of the evening was spent discussing ideas and travel routes all together with great company from our hosts. We occupied their home for two days together until our traveler souls were calling back into the wilderness before we get homesick again.

Now since we’re on the road, where should we go next, my friend?

Elvis Meisters
Elektriķis, datoriķis, Interneta mārketinga iesācējs vienā personā. Patīk fotografēt. Rakstu to, ko domāju, neatkarīgi no citu domām.

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Climb Forest, Climb

You can hear somewhere near the sound of water reflecting the surface of the...

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