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Pārejam uz latviešu valodu un kas jauns mūsu ceļojumos

Sen nekas nav rakstīts par to, kas īsti notiek ar mums, kur esam un ko darām. Tad nu sāksim ar pirmo lietu – es nomainīju valodu no angļu uz latviešu, jo protu labāk izteikties un sākotnējais plāns rakstīt angliski (bijām plānojuši rakstīt 4 cilvēki ar lieliem plāniem, bet nu esam palikuši tik divi ar foršiem plāniem), izjuka, tāpēc nejūtu jēgu turpināt rakstīt angliski. Es papildus nodarbojos ar interneta mārketingu un rakstu vēl 3 blogus, tāpēc lai arī kā negribētu, tik bieži ierakstīt šeit nesanāk. Bet es labošos. Tad nu pie jaunumiem.

Pēdējais raksts bija par to, kā ieradāmies Spānijā uz mūsu pirmo Workaway un pēc tam turpinājuma nav, tāpēc uzrakstīšu par to, kā mums tur gāja un ko īsti sadarījām. Šeit var apskatīt Bildes.


Girl with a chicken on her shoulder

Let’s play that famous game called “Never have I ever.” Alright, I’ll start. Never have I ever believed that some stories are too good to be true. If you don’t believe me, then check the name of this story again.

Yesterday we arrived at the Villamartin, small village in the middle of nowhere in Andalucia region, Spain. The reason why we’re here is that we are starting an exciting photography project related to the lifestyle of people in the South of the country to understand more about the living conditions here and to document it. To make sure this project will succeed we found a work away just a few kilometers from Villamartin Cadiz. The Workaway was a simple olive farm, organic farm, which is making olive oil in the most natural way as possible. The owner is Austrian women who are the nicest person I have ever met.


Pastries for hungry travelers

It’s funny how our friends from Latvia just keeps asking questions like – “Isn’t that awful that you’re traveling with no knowledge or sense of where you’re going to be tomorrow?” but the thing is that that’s the best part about traveling. It’s easy to travel when Daddy books you a four-star hotel in Teneriffe but not that easy when you have to plan your public transport routes, destinations, location, and shelter for yourself. Some say that you have to do everything the hard way, so you’re able to learn a lot more things rather than going with the easy way, and that is exactly what we stand for. This journey for us already gave us a fantastic opportunity to make new friends for life and see some spectacular locations that aren’t included on Google images section or cheap traveling books you buy on Amazon.


Climb Forest, Climb

You can hear somewhere near the sound of water reflecting the surface of the showers curtains and just by hearing you can envision how the whole, small bathroom is filled with steam and mist trapping the light beams that was previously traveling through the dirty glass. Aroma of freshly boiled coffee fills the room with memory splashes that forces you to get homesick again, and sunlight allied with the warmest winters breeze are tickling your skin and freckles like never before, and, and the clock stopped ticking kindly helping you to forget about non-relevant things in your life and, and, and, also – Cause nobody gave a fuck about what time it was.


Internet group for strangers

When in the previous night you slept for 2 hours and your Mom since you were twelve kept reminding you, that human body to work correctly needs 8 hours of sleep then you don’t need to be a genius to understand that your Mom probably knows better. Last night for us was a nightmare, so it’s time to make sure night like this never comes again. The first thing we did after leaving a train station was visiting a coffee bar that as I mentioned previously offered coffee for 1,50 euro, so that was an easily reachable target for us to gain access to Wi-fi and also clean ourselves up.


One of the coldest nights ever

When all the bridges burn down, what is the one place you’ll know you can go to? Yes, that’s right – Spain.
If by any means, You, my dear friend, have read our previous post that was like an introduction to all this blog and adventure, then you know, that all of us come from Latvia so this decision from the side can look illogical but don’t worry – it will all make sense soon.